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Documentary about great cave diver Dave Shaw and his last dive - www.ScubaTraveller.com

Documentary about great cave diver Dave Shaw and his last dive - www.ScubaTraveller.com

Documentary about great cave diver Dave Shaw. David Shaw was an Australian scuba diver, a technical diver and an airline pilot for Cathay Pacific, who flew the A330-300, A340-300 and A340-600....

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GoPro: Cave Divers Relive Scary Incident

Diver Jeanna Edgerton and her husband Brian Wiederspan describe in detail one of the most intense scenes of the series. After surfacing in a dome with “bad air”, Jeanna struggles to stay...

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Extreme Cave Divers : Documentary on Cave Diving and Lost Underwater Worlds (Full Documentary)

Extreme Cave Divers : Documentary on Cave Diving and Lost Underwater Worlds (Full Documentary). ...

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No Mount Cave Diving in Wisconsin

No Mount Cave Diving in Fennimore, WI at Castle Rock Cave.

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The Danger and Excitement of Underwater Cave Diving | Short Film Showcase

Submerge yourself in a different world in this film about underwater cave diving. Experience the excitement as the Expedition Bjuralven team explores the longest underwater cave in Sweden....

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In this northern Florida diving adventure, Jonathan teams up with cave diver Wayne Kinard and explores Ichetucknee Spring, otherwise known as \

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The Last Dive of David Shaw

David Shaw was a highly ranked deep diver specialist who tried to recover the remains of Deon Dreyer who drown at one of the worlds deepest fresh water diving holes: BOESMANSGAT (271 meters)....

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Blue Holes Exploration Extreme Underwater Cave Diving Exploring the World's Deepest Blue Hole

A team of divers plunge in to explore the mysterious blue holes of the Bahamas. It is believed that these underwater time capsules formed during the last ice age, the salt water is trapped...

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8 Days of Cave Diver Training - The Movie

This movie was a very long time in the making!! It was made with the goal to help raise awareness worldwide about the importance of cave diving training. I hope the content shown within this...

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Two divers die exploring Florida underwater caves

Two divers died exploring an underwater cave system in Florida known to be one of the world's most beautiful but most dangerous diving sites. The bodies of Patrick Peacock, 53, and Chris...

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Dive Into Budapest’s Hidden Underwater World

As one of Europe's most famous cities, Budapest has become a tourist hotspot known for its history, its architecture and its love of water. While most people soak above the surface in the...

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Para X - Cave Diver (Club Mix)


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Technical Diving Training; Basic Cave Diving

Cave diving training in basic cave diving techniques at Devi's Eye in Ginnie springs, Florida 2010. Filmed and Produced by Ramon Llaneza.

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A deceptively easy way to die - Cave Diving

NSS/CDS safety video. Do not dive in caves without proper training. Bubbles Below - The Scuba Professionals Phone: 425.424.3483 17315 - 140th Ave NE Woodinville, WA 98072 http://www.bubblesbelow.com.

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First ever cave diving flash mob

16 divers came together for the first ever cave diving flash mob with the goal to show the size and the beauty of the cave like never before. So this video is not about equipment, equipment...

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Jill Heinerth describes near death experience while cave diving

Jill Heinerth describes a near-death experience while diving in caves within an Antarctic iceberg.

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Record Cave Dive Leaves Mystery | National Geographic

May 3, 2011 — An Australian team has made a record-breaking dive in what may be the world's deepest coldwater cave. But the explorers still haven't reached the end of this New Zealand cave,...

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DAY 582 // 11TH SEPTEMBER 2014 Follow.. Nadine https://www.youtube.com/nayders07 Alex & mark https://www.youtube.com/vagabrothers thanks to http://www.deeplifedivers.com/ for an amazing...

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World Record Cave Dive - 282.6 m (927 feet) - Nuno Gomes

Nuno Gomes dives to the deepest point of Bushmansgat Cave in South Africa with the assistance of his team. The cave is 1550 m (5000 feet) above sea level.

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In the season 5 premiere episode, Jonathan travels to Abaco, Bahamas for an intensive sidemount cave diving class with world famous cave explorer/instructor Brian Kakuk. **************************...

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2015 Cave Diving Expedition Kupang, Timor

A team of Australian Cave Divers embark on a yearly cave diving expedition to Kupang, Timor. The area is riddled with karst features with many caves reaching the water table. We have documented...

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scuba, cave diving ''The Big Black'' The last dive of David Shaw 21 43, XviD format

Last Dive of David Shaw. Full version.

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PADI Cavern Diver

Can you see the light? If you dive within the light zone of a cave--the area near the cave entrance where natural light is always visible--you're in the cavern zone.

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Solo - Cave diving one of the last unexplored places in the UK

Andy Torbet embarks on a solo cave dive to see one of the last unexplored places left in the UK. Director - Daniel 'Raz' Rasmussen Camera - Johnny Rogers & Daniel 'Raz' Rasmussen Editor -...

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Expedition Divers - Mexico Cave Diving 2016 - Part 1

A little clip compilation of Expedition Divers' trip to Mexico in October 2016, hope you enjoy. Best enjoyed on laptop 720p.

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Bjurälven 2015 - \

Three divers first ever dive in to the air filled tunnel within the Bjurälven cave system. The tunnel was found in 2013 and visited by 9 divers before us. The air tunnel is aprox. 100 meters...

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Cave-Diving In Australia’s Arid Nullarbor Outback

Catalyst: Weebubbie Cave - Exploring the geological wonders of Australia's caves, underneath Australia's parched desert, Subscribe to Journeyman for daily uploads: http://www.youtube.com/subscrip...

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FSU scientist solves 20-year-old cave diving mystery

A decades-old mystery surrounding the death of a Florida cave diver has been solved by a simple experiment by three scientists in a lab at Florida State. For more information visit Florida...

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CCE Cave Diver skills - laying line

Cave Mexico presents short training videos. You can check whether your diving level is enough to get to the training and how the exercises should look.

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Divers' deaths show hazards of Florida's underwater cave

The deaths of two experienced Florida divers is prompting new calls to close a well-known cave diving site known as Eagles Nest. The cave has been called the Mount Everest of the sport and...

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Cave Diving The Extreme Sport Sidemount Cave Dive at Jug Hole

We take you on a journey into the earth at one of Florida's most beautiful springs, Blue Hole, aka Jug Hole, at Ichetucknee Springs State Park. This sidemount only cave dive requires skill...

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Two cave divers die in underwater Florida labyrinth known as ‘Mount Everest of diving’ - TomoNews

WEEKI WACHEE, FLORIDA — Two divers died exploring an underwater cave system in Florida known to be one of the world's most beautiful, but also most dangerous diving sites. The bodies...

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Eagles Nest Cave Divers


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